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Shogun Trophy

The mysterious country in the Far East, which did not come into contact with the outside world until the Dutch arrived in the 17th century. A unique travel experience that has never been organised in this way before, and with your own classic car. A tour of 4 islands, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, in the shape of an eight, the mythical number of perfection. A northern route and a southern route. An adventure that ends where it starts, in Tokyo.

A journey through all the historical and cultural highlights of classical and modern Japan.


First to the far north, to Hokkaido, the island of the active volcanoes and the Daisetzu national park.

Along the coast of the Sea of Japan via Niigata to the Japanese Alps. Beautiful roads, adventurous routes. On the Dragon route and the Noto Coast way to the eponymous peninsula.

Via Kanagawa to Kyoto. Here, the northern and southern routes intersect. We visit the city of many temples and the Japan Car museum.

Via the Shikoku Henro, or 88 Temple route over one of the many long suspension bridges, we reach the island of Shikoku.  An unforgettable route through the Iya valley across the island and then to Kyushu by boat.

Via Beppu and the Aso volcano we drive to Nagasaki and Decima, the old trading centre of the Dutch. This is also home to the illustrious Hashima Island, with the shape of a battle ship, notorious from the mining period and later known for the 007 movie ‘Skyfall’.

Via Fukuoka to the island of Honshu and the city of Hiroshima. Here, we visit the impressive Peace Memorial Park and from the Daisen NP we follow an adventurous route along the sea and the renowned Sand Dunes, to the city of Tottori.

Then we cross straight through Japan and crossing the ‘eight’ to Nara, another monumental city.

After this one more challenge awaits, Mount Fuji. The image of Japan, with its snow-capped peak. Only visible when the weather is clear. In Kawaguchiko we stay at the foot of Mount Fuji. The Fuji Speed Way (FSW) is not to be missed on this travel adventure. Drive the Formula 1 circuit in your own classic car. Now that’s something to tell the people at home! For the enthusiasts, time to put the pedal to the metal and then on to the finish to say goodbye to the cars in the port of Yokohama.

This brings an end to an unforgettable travel adventure across the islands of Japan, the land of the rising sun.

Enjoy the overwhelming natural beauty. Drive along the wild ocean coasts, with long sandy beaches and through inhospitable mountain areas.

Experience the culture and history of classical Japan, in the Shrines, the Onsen and in the old cities.
Have a taste of modern Japan in the vast cities of Nagasaki, Kyoto, Sapporo and Tokyo.                                                       

All in your own classic car.


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Shogun Trophy

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